2016: The year I will exploit marginal gains

After my previous time trial bike improvements I blogged about [here], you may be thinking I have already done this. Well, that was marginal gains level 1; just scratching the surface. Leaving it to the last TT of the season was possibly an error and so I am still not certain how much difference it really made. Despite this, I have been thinking about how to get more free speed in 2016 for each BBAR distance and have generated a list (I love a good list. I may even treat myself and put it in excel so I can perform some calculations at a later date). In 2015 I got lucky with some results (or rather, other better riders got unlucky), and so I need to up my game in 2016.....

The thought process for the list above went something like….. The shorter the event, the faster I will be moving, but for less time. As explained by this equation, the power to overcome drag goes up with speed not linearly, but by a cubed relationship i.e. As you go faster, it gets much harder to go faster.  Therefore, reducing my aerodynamic drag for the 50mile TT (and 100mile to an extent) is of greatest importance, and I will sacrifice a lot of comfort.

For the 12hr, I will be moving slower, but for a longer time. This means although the aerodynamic losses are lower, the penalty of any additional drag will be experienced over a longer time. So aerodynamics are still paramount, but having ridden a 12hour last year I know that comfort is definitely more important!

I’ll post some updates as I implement these improvements, and whether they make any noticeable difference,