Race report: Charlotteville CC 50mile Time Trial, 8/5/2016

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On Sunday (8/5/2016) the Charlotteville CC 50mile Time Trial took place on the H50/8 course in Bentley, Surrey. It's a fairly fast course, but has patches of terrible road surface that my crotch is still fearful of, after riding the 50, 100 and 12hr TTs on the same road in 2015.

H50/8 course in Bentley, Surrey  

H50/8 course in Bentley, Surrey  

In the last few months, I have been working closely with Rob Barrett, Athlete Service and David Woodhouse to try and refine my position and kit choices without throwing vast sums of money at the problem. This event was the first opportunity to try a lot of changes out in anger. I chose to ride without power, despite Woodhouse's best efforts to convince me to fit his power meter to my bike. Although it would be useful for post ride dissection, I think it would do me no favours during the ride itself.

I started the ride hard, almost as hard as I would a 10mile time trial, then just tried to cling on for as long as possible as I watched the miles clocking up on my Garmin. I tried to take it easier when the road surface deteriorated and pushed harder on the 'climbs' and smooth road.

Great photos by  Mike Anton

Great photos by Mike Anton


I spent the majority of the race thinking I wasn't trying hard enough, until mile 42 when I concluded it was basically finished and pushed the effort level up to eleven. It turns out 8 miles like this was longer than I thought, as time seemed to slow down and prolong the suffering further. This is can be seen looking at my heart rate trace. 

Steady increase in Heart Rate in the final 8 miles up to 164bpm (high for me!). 

Steady increase in Heart Rate in the final 8 miles up to 164bpm (high for me!). 

I finished in 1:42:59sec (averaging 29.15mph). I knew this was a quick time (in 2015 I finished in 5th with a time of 1:49), but assumed it must have been due to abnormally quick conditions. I was sure one of the top seeded riders would go much quicker. Unfortunately I had to make a quick exit before the full results had come through, but club mate Ryan Davies (who had also ridden), texted me the full results. I was surprised I posted the quickest of the day. Top 10 results (full here);


1 Peter Harrison G.S. Henley 01:42:59

2 Kevin Tye VeloRefined.com Aerosmiths 01:45:31

3 Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team 01:46:15

4 Charles Mitchell …a3crg 01:46:43

5 Alex Napier Blazing Saddles 01:46:48

6 James Copeland Fareham Wheelers CC 01:46:54

7 Michael Broadwith Arctic Tacx RT 01:47:23

8 Matthew Charlton Farnborough & Camberley CC 01:48:10

9 Gary Chambers Fareham Wheelers CC 01:48:43

10 Chris Goodfellow DRAG2ZERO 01:49:43